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Get paid US$10,000 a month to stay in luxury vacation homes around the world

If you love the luxury lifestyle as much as you love travel, the best job in the world is now accepting applications.

A luxury villa in Bali, Indonesia.
A luxury villa in Bali, Indonesia. Image by THIRDHOME

Thirdhome is a membership-based home rental site that allows people who own a second home to exchange time there for stays at various other luxury destinations around the world, with locations in countries like Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina and more. The company is now looking for someone to travel the world and stay in some of the multi-million dollar luxury vacation homes – and get paid $10,000 a month to do it.

Cabo del Sol in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Cabo del Sol in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Image by THIRDHOME

The job is billed as “the best job on the planet”, as the successful applicant will have all their travel expenses covered for a three-month stay in a variety of resorts and homes around the world. Naturally, amidst all the relaxation and luxury, you will actually have to do some work that requires some pretty important skills.

Private Lake Front Spanish Hacienda in Indio, California.
Private Lake Front Spanish Hacienda in Indio, California. Image by THIRDHOME

According to the job posting, the applicant must “have the ability to understand and appreciate luxury” and experience with international travel. In addition to refined taste, the successful applicant must be good at writing and sharing their experiences through blog and vlog posts, and other social media. While you can be located anywhere in the world to apply, you must have three months available for non-stop luxury travel.

There are few other requirements for the applicant: they must be more than 18 years old; hold a valid passport and driver’s license; and they have to be able to travel for three consecutive months from late summer to late fall.

Glen House in Innerleithen, UK.
Glen House in Innerleithen, UK. Image by THIRDHOME

To apply for the job, you must submit a one-minute video explaining why you are the best candidate to bestjobontheplanet@thirdhome.com before 30 March. Learn more about the job here.

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