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Get a free trip to New Zealand – if you’re looking for a job in tech

Soon, 100 people from around the world will have the incredible opportunity to travel to New Zealand on a four-day trip for free – and some may end up staying there for a lifetime.


Wellington is looking for the “best tech talent in the world” and will offer those lucky talented people a free trip to the city. Billed as the South Pacific’s tech and innovation capital, the city is planning to bring 100 of the best applicants from around the world to fill technology jobs.

The endeavour is a partnership between the Welling Regional Economic Development Agency and Workhere New Zealand, a business that specializes in global recruitment.

View of the Wellington Cable Car.
View of the Wellington Cable Car. Image by ©Victor Maschek/Shutterstock

The trip will be held between 8 and 11 May, and guests will head to the Wellington for four days of pre-arranged job interviews, exploration and meet-ups. Flights and accommodation will be paid for, and at the end of the week the visitors are likely to end up with some incredible job offers. Some of the types of jobs that are available are business intelligence, DevOps engineer, digital strategist, business architect and more.

Unfortunately, the trip is only open to the top talent – who must be technologically inclined – and are interested in working in New Zealand. Those who go on the trip must meet all of the employers that have expressed an interest in interviewing them, which is expected to be at least three companies. Since part of the trip is wondering if you would fit in with Wellington’s lifestyle, there will also be social events to help everyone get a feel for the city.

Learn more about how to apply and the rules here.

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