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This travel tote bag is designed to fit devices and features a clever tablet stand

A company has created a tote bag specially designed for travelling with and using devices, incorporating a tilting mechanism for propping up tablets into the design.

Prop 'n Go Tote
The Prop ‘n Go Tote features an adjustable device stand. Image by Padded Spaces
Prop 'n Go
The bag has an easy carry handle for travelling. Image by Padded Spaces

Created by company Padded Spaces, the Prop ‘n Go Tote features a padded storage compartment that can fit 15” laptops and tablets, as well as a universal stand designed to fit a range of devices and brands, including iPad, Macbook Pro, Kindle, Galaxy Tab and Surface. The feature can also be used as a stand for books, allowing users to place the bag on their lap and adjust the arm into one of 14 angles. A large pillow design is incorporated into the underside to make it comfortable during use. An integrated stylus holder is also included, designed to fit Apple Pencils and Surface Pens. The tote has a durable handle on top as well as detachable, adjustable shoulder straps.

Prop 'n Go Tote
A pillow design is built in to make it comfortable during use. Image by Padded Spaces


With remote working proving to be a popular and growing trend, the tote bag allows users to carry and setup a portable, easy to access office while travelling. Extra pockets are included in the bag to hold phones, batteries, speakers or wallets. The company also created the Prop ‘n Go Slim, a smaller version of the design without the bag element, and the iBeside, a bedside storage device that features a magnetic shelf design. More information on the Prop ‘n Go Tote is available on the Padded Spaces website.

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