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Two new mayonnaise cafés are opening in Japan next month

Mayonnaise super fans rejoice! Two new cafés dedicated specifically to the creamy condiment are opening in Japan this March and April for a limited time only.

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The cafés will be open for one month beginning in March and April.
The cafés will be open for one month beginning in March and April. Image by Kewpie

The two temporary attractions are being opened by Kewpie mayonnaise, a company that launched Japan’s much loved and first ever mayonnaise brand in 1925. One of the cafés will be located in the popular area of Shibuya in Tokyo, just a 10-minute walk away from Shibuya station and will be open from March 1st to 31st, while the other one will be opening in Nagoya in central Honshu from April 3rd to 30th. March 1st is Mayonnaise Day in Japan, and last year also saw the brand hosting celebrations with a variety of special dishes at mayonnaise cafés.

Mayonnaise cafe
The Tokyo café will serve tempura with mayo dipping sauces. Image by Kewpie

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The Tokyo location will serve lunch and dinner, with seating for 126 people, including 24 outdoor terrace seats available. Dishes served at the café will include pizza, a variety of salads, tempura with mayo dipping sauces, prawn pasta and a chicken mayo bake.

mayonnaise cafe
A chicken mayo gratin will be on the Tokyo menu. Image by Kewpie
mayonnaise cafe
A picture of the Mayo Dome from Kewpie’s permanent Mayo Terrace in Chofu. Image by Kewpie

2014 saw Kewpie unveiling the Mayo Terrace, a permanent dedicated museum space in Chofu, a suburb of Tokyo. The space allows visitors to learn about the history of the product, and includes a room called the Mayo Dome, a gigantic replica of a mayonnaise bottle built 500,000 larger than a regular one. The Mayo Terrace has proven to be a popular attraction for Kewpie fans, who can also snack on a range of special dishes in the Kewpie Kitchen on site. More information on visiting the new Kewpie cafés in Tokyo and Nagoya is available at their official website.

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