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People are loving this pilot’s wanderlust-inducing Instagram account

A Dutch pilot has amassed a large following on Instagram with a series of pictures that offer a glimpse into her daily working life, including some taken from inside the cockpit of planes as well as at a host of exotic locations around the world.

Eser Aksan Erdogan travels to a selection of diverse destinations for her job, piloting a Boeing 737 plane. She often has layovers, which sometimes allow her the opportunity to take mini-breaks and explore cities. She has been documenting her adventures on social media along the way, with her Instagram account now having 56,000 followers. While much of the work is enjoyable, Eser says that the job is also demanding. “Nobody looks glamorous after a red-eyed flight or after 13 hours of duty. You have to fly during the weekends or holidays, missing out on special days and so on. But having said that, it is all worth it. I get to travel a lot, I get low airline ticket staff rates and I really have the best office view in the world!” she told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Eser also said that while there are some handy layovers that provide pilots with enough time to get out and about to see sights, often there is just enough time to rest and sleep before another flight. As well as getting the chance to visit popular cities around the world, one of her favourite aspects of the job is getting the chance to see lesser visited places that are tougher to obtain visas for as a normal international traveller. “There is beauty everywhere in everything and in every location as long as you want to see it,” Eser said.

“I have a lot of favourite places in this world. One would be Serengeti National Park in Tanzania as well as the Seychelles, where I got married to my husband on the most beautiful, peaceful island in the Indian Ocean. I also find Tuscany in Italy and Casco Viejo in Panama to be the most romantic places on earth,” she said.

Travel advice from Eser includes avoiding restaurants with many different languages printed on the menu if you are looking for genuine local cuisine, as well as trying to fight the urge to over-research a trip. She also suggests using local guides to explore and when there is a language barrier, using your hands to express yourself rarely fails to get the point across. More of Eser’s photographs from her travels can be seen on her Instagram account.

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