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Sample Pop-Tarts pizza, burritos and more at a new pop-up café in New York

Fans of the simple toaster pastry can take their love to the next level at a new Pop-Tarts pop-up café in New York.

New York is getting a Pop Tarts pop-up.
New York is getting a new pop-up. Image by Kellogg’s

Fans of the sugary breakfast classic will be able to try the toaster pastries in a variety of new ways as the Kellogg’s restaurant in Times Square turns into Pop-Tarts Café until 26 February. The Kellogg’s cereal café opened back in June, offering a gourmet twist on breakfast cereal.

The new Pop-Tarts-focused pop-up will bring a sweet twist to favourite New York dishes like pizza, cheesecake and burritos. Visitors will be able to sample “birthday fiesta nachos” that are made up of Frosted Confetti Cupcake “chips” covered in a variety of sweet toppings. Pop-Tarts burritos will be made up of Frosted S’mores, Frosted Chocolatey Caramel or Frosted Strawberry tarts rolled in sweet crepes, while a personal pizza will be made up of Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts crust topped with strawberry sauce and fruity “pepperoni”. The tacos are made of Crumbled Frosted Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts “ground beef,” with strawberry-sriracha salsa and coconut “lettuce” delivered in cinnamon-sugar-dusted tortillas.

There will also be shakes, cheesecakes and cake poppers, but if all of that sounds a bit much for you, you can choose from one of 18 flavours of traditional Pop-Tarts. If you can’t choose just one flavour, there are “tasting flights”, where you can try a sample of the company’s various fruity flavours, or chocolate creations.

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