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Instagram's new feature will let you post all of your travel pics as an album

If you’re having the trip of a lifetime but worry that your constant Instagram posts are spamming everyone back home, a new feature on the app may help.  

A post shared by Lonely Planet (@lonelyplanet) on Feb 23, 2017 at 3:45am PST

The social media platform has updated its features to allow users to add multiple pictures in one post, creating a sort of album. The update may be useful for those people who worry they are inspiring a little bit too much #travelenvy in all of their friends, or for considerate travellers want to cut down on cluttering everyone’s feed with their holiday snaps.

Young couple taking selfie below trees in woods. Instagram albums
Young couple taking selfie below trees in woods. Image by Hero Images/Getty Images

The new feature will let users select multiple photos or videos to include in an album, and can even add a filter to everything at once, or edit one-by-one. For those scrolling through their feed, little blue dots at the bottom of posts will let them know that there are more pictures to see.

The new feature is rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android, according to Instagram’s website, just in time to share a ton of those pics from stripping down in Australia, sampling cheese in France or scenes from your latest yoga retreat.

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