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Bowie fans are crowdfunding an epic three-storey-tall lightning bolt memorial in London

Fans of David Bowie are taking part in a crowdfunding project to raise funds for a gigantic three-story lightning bolt memorial to be erected in Brixton, the area in London where the star was born.

David Bowie Memorial Brixton
The lightning bolt structure is modelled on Bowie’s make-up from his 1973 album cover, Aladdin Sane. Image by This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll

The plans have been developed by the artist, This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll in collaboration with David Bowie’s team in New York and London. The project is also being supported by Lambeth Council. The nine-metre-tall lightning bolt structure is modelled on Bowie’s iconic make-up flash from his 1973 album cover, Aladdin Sane. The news was announced on Tuesday at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank, where Bowie performed on five occasions and curated the 2002 Meltdown Festival.

David Bowie Memorial Brixton
The structure will be three-storeys tall. Image by This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll

“It’s an incredibly important thing for us here in Brixton. Where The Man Who Fell to Earth fell to earth. We have David Bowie on our own money here, Aladdin Sane on the Brixton £10, and the area has been a place of pilgrimage since his death. It’s also a very Bowie kind of place, creative, challenging, welcoming, iconic. What we are creating is a heartfelt tribute, from one London character to another, and it’s going to look amazing,” artist Charlie Waterhouse told Lonely Planet Travel News. The project’s mission statement also says that it aims to be a poignant reminder that life exists beyond the everyday, and that music, art and curiosity are vital contributions to our collective existence.  

Bowie Memorial Brixton
The project is aiming to raise £1 million through crowdfunding. Image by This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll

The memorial site will be in central Brixton, at Tunstall Road, directly opposite the Brixton Underground Station, and beside an existing Bowie mural. One million pounds is being sought to make the project a reality, with £28,637 having already been raised. The memorial will be constructed with 20 mm grade 304 steel plate that will then be spray painted. The crowdfunding project is offering a selection of David Bowie rewards for sponsors, including a name listing on the official memorial website for a £20 donation, a photographic book of Brixton that includes several Bowie-related images for a £30 donation, and a range of limited edition prints and t-shirts for donations of £50 and above. More information on sponsoring the project is available at the memorial crowdfunding page.

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