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This smart suitcase can weigh its contents and charge devices and 10,000 people are waiting to buy it

A smart suitcase that can weigh its contents and charge devices has taken the travel industry by storm, leading to one of the models having a waiting list that has surpassed 10,000.

Smart Luggage
The cases have the ability to weigh the contents inside. Image by Raden

Designed by luggage company Raden, the A22 carry-on case is the model that boasts the impressive waiting list, with the light pink gloss version accounting for 25% of the list. The company offers a 22” model and a 28” model, both of which pair with a dedicated iOS app and contain a 7800 mAh battery that can charge a wide range of devices. This allows for a mobile phone to be charged up to four times, with two ports accessible from the exterior of the case, while the battery is removable and can be used as a standalone power pack. As well as that, the suitcases have proximity tracking, allowing users to keep tabs on the location of the luggage at all times. The cases also have integrated scale handles for easy weighing. The cases have been created in a range of colours, including classic black, white, silver, gold, bronze, and silver and gold.

One of the models boasts a 10,000 person waiting list to order.
One of the models boasts a 10,000 person waiting list to order. Image by Raden
Smart Suitcase
A dedicated app allows users to keep track of each cases whereabouts whilst travelling. Image by Raden

“We’ve spent nearly two years in stealth mode developing a case that successfully combines design, technology and value in an effort to solve the headaches we all experience while traveling,”said Josh Udashkin, founder of Raden. As well as listing information related to the case, the companion app informs users of current weather conditions, traffic alerts and flight details. The carry and check cases are constructed out of Makrolon polycarbonate that weigh 8.4 lbs and 13 lbs respectively when empty.

Smart Case Raden
The cases store batteries that enable users to charge devices on the go. Image by Raden
Smart Suitcase
The hardware has been designed to be ultra portable and lightweight.

Prices start at $295 for the A22 case and go up to $695 for the larger metallic versions. Priority pre-ordering began in January for the model, which is expected to begin shipping in April.
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