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Delta is bringing back free economy meals on certain domestic routes

Delta is introducing a selection of complimentary meals on some of its longest domestic flights within the US from next month on.

Delta Meals
A range of meals will be made available depending on the time of day. Image by Delta

The service will be available from 1 March, and will see Delta becoming the only US carrier that offers free meals for the entire cabin on selected coast-to-coast routes, beginning with flight paths between New York’s JFK airport to Los Angeles and San Francisco. April 24th will see the airline expanding meals to ten other major domestic markets in destinations such as Seattle, Boston and Washington. The re-introduction of the meal service is part of a multi-million dollar investment for the airline that includes upgraded main cabin snacks and in-flight entertainment. Complimentary beer, wine, spirits and sleeping kits are also available to main cabin customers on long-haul international flights.

Delta Meals
The service will be introduced on March 1st before being rolled out to further routes. Image by Delta

The new meal program will feature a range of options depending on the flight time, allowing customers to choose between a honey maple breakfast sandwich, a special medley, or a fruit and cheese plate for breakfast. Dishes on the daytime menu include a smoked turkey sandwich and a Mediterranean wholegrain veggie wrap. Customers on overnight flights will be offered a breakfast bar during the pre-arrival beverage service.

Delta Airlines
The move will make Delta the only airline in the US offering free economy meals on coast-to-coast routes. Image by Delta

Last year saw Delta testing complimentary meals in economy class to gauge customer satisfaction with the service. In addition to the re-introduction of the main cabin meal service, customers seated in Delta Comfort+ will be given pre-arrival snack baskets on all 12 routes and will be able to make use of a mid-service Greek frozen yogurt bar.
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