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Australian airline Qantas will offer free Netflix and Spotify on domestic flights

If you can’t spend a few hours without binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix, make sure your next flight is a domestic trip on the Australian airline Qantas.  

Netflix and Spotify is coming to Qantas flights.
Netflix and Spotify is coming to Qantas flights. Image by Qantas

Qantas is introducing streaming from Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify on Wi-Fi enabled domestic flights in late February. Even though the services all require subscriptions, they will all offer free access to Qantas flyers even after they get off the plane.

Foxtel, which allows users to stream live sports, new sand TV, will give users three days of free access to its app every time they fly, with no sign-up required. Netflix will give new users a 30-day free trial and existing Netflix users will just have to log-in and keep watching. When it comes to Spotify, new users can access a 30-day free trial of its premium music service when they sign up on their flight.  

Qantas has been named the safest airline in the world for the fourth year in a row.
Qantas. Image by Qantas

Customers will have to use their own devices, and will log-on to Qantas Wi-Fi. From there, they can access the services, as well as information such as real-time flight data; hotel, restaurant and transport options at their destination; the latest weather; and more. The company is also in talks “with a range of content partners” on how to improve travellers’ on-board Wi-Fi experiences. The company says that its new Wi-Fi system will reach speeds up to 10 times faster than conventional in-flight access.

More and more airlines are pushing to meet travellers’ demand for high-speed Wi-Fi, particularly fast enough to stream video. JetBlue also recently announced its plan to offer customers a fast enough connection to stream video, surf the web and use messaging apps.

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