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Start planning! These are the cheapest places to take a holiday this year

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday this year, start considering a trip to Bulgaria.

Couple on balcony of Rila Monastery in Sofia , Bulgaria.
Couple on balcony of Rila Monastery in Sofia, Bulgaria. Image by Chris Garrett/Getty Images

Sofia was named the cheapest travel destination for 2017, according to new research from Hoppa. The airport transfer site broke down the costs of travel to cities around the world based on the average local price of a hotel, food, drink, taxis and entertainment per person, per night.

In Sofia, the total cost is £38.21, compared to the most expensive destination of Zurich, Switzerland, which is £170.43. Hoppa analysed 84 cities around the world to find out where travellers should go for a cheap trip, an affordable meal, a decently-priced bottle of wine and much more.

Cairo, Egypt.
Cairo, Egypt. Image by ©Leo Villanova/500px

While Bulgaria’s capital city is great for frugal travellers, there are a number of options for tourists looking to travel on the cheap. The top 10 cheapest cities are: Sofia; Cairo, Egypt; Cartagena, Colombia; Bucharest, Romania; Antalya, Turkey; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Kiev, Ukraine; Manila, Philippines; Mexico City, Mexico; and Sliema, Malta.

The top 10 most expensive cities after Zurich are: New York, USA; Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Venice, Italy; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Honolulu, USA; Rome, Italy; and Caracas, Venezuela.

Havana, Cuba. cheapest holidays
Havana, Cuba. Image by ©Bastian Linder/500px

If you love cheap wine, travel to Benidorm, Spain, where the average price of a bottle of house wine is only £3.17. In Havana, you can get the cheapest cocktail for an average of £2.96, while the cheapest pint can be found in Manila for 38p. See the full breakdown here.

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