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Pray for rain! This brewery is giving away pints every time it rains in London in February

If a bit of rain is dampening your February trip to London, take solace in the fact that one company is giving away free pints every time it showers.

Get a free pint of beer when it rains this month. free pints London
Get a free pint of beer when it rains this month. Image by Adermark Media / Getty Images

While it should come as no surprise that a British winter also brings precipitation, it can still be a drag to explore a new city in a downpour. But, London brewery Fuller’s is giving away free pints of its beer London Pride every time the capital city sees rain.

The month-long campaign is based on social media, where the company will run a live broadcast of a street on its Twitter account each day. When users see rain, they must follow the account and send a tweet in order to receive a free pint. 

As part of the campaign, the company brought in well-known UK weatherman Michael Fish, who read weather reports on the BBC for years, to star in the promos. 

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