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Turbo G&Ts have exploded in popularity around the world, but what are they and where can you get one?

You may have noticed a trend for Turbo G&Ts popping upon your Instagram feed, but what on earth are these new dark-coloured drinks and where can you get your hands on one?

It turns out that Turbo G&Ts are cocktails made with coffee that has been brewed overnight in cold water, which is then added to your standard gin and tonic water. 

By brewing it overnight, it makes it taste sweeter rather than the slightly bitter taste we’ve come to expect (and love) from a cup of coffee. The unusual drink combination has captured the imagination of drink connoisseurs everywhere, and was even seen at the Berlin Coffee Festival and in Malmo, Sweden, but the trend actually started in London.

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The Gin Foundry says the drink is gaining popularity in London bars as it’s an enticing, energising cocktail that promises to combat the end-of-week feeling. You know the one – where work is over and you want to party, but are exhausted.

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It says,”combining cold brew with the beautiful botanicals of gin and the gentle bitterness of tonic creates a tall, tart treat of a cocktail that is well-placed to combat that feeling Friday night fans know all too well: complete and utter elation coupled with overwhelming exhaustion, that sees your dancing feet say yes but your sleepy brain say zzz….”


If you’re far away from a London bar but want to try a Turbo G& T out for yourself, the Gin Foundry’s own recipe can be found here.

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