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Love to relax as you travel? This luxury train in Scotland has a spa on-board

Touring a country aboard a luxurious sleeper train is a dream for many travellers who want to combine globe-trotting with a bit of rest, but one Scottish train is taking the relaxation to the next level with its own on-board spa carriage.

The Belmond Royal Scotsman has launched the famous rail company’s first-ever spa car, where guests can relax with a personalised spa treatment while they travel.

The train, which travels from Edinburgh and around the Scottish Highlands, will start its 2017 trips in April. The luxury train can hold only 40 guests, and travellers have access to private cabins, an observation car where they can stop for an evening drink, Scottish cuisine, entertainment and more.

The new spa carriage is a partnership with Bamford Haybarn Spa, where guests can get treatments as they look out through the windows onto views of Scotland. According to the website, the spa cars are designed using sustainable wood from Scotland and the Cotswolds, and guests can get a “perfect pampering retreat after a day exploring the Highlands”. Guests will be able to pick from treatments like facials, de-stress and deep tissue massages and manicures and pedicures.

Belmond is famous for its luxury train rides around the world, and will soon bring a service in Peru, which will be South America’s first luxury sleeper train along one of the highest rail routes on Earth.  

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