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Is travel part of your love story? One lucky couple will win a wedding on a Megabus

It might not be the destination wedding that most couples had in mind for their big day, but Megabus, the no-frills discount bus operator known for its $1 fares across North America, is giving away a free ceremony for one lucky couple aboard one of its blue 80-seaters.

Megabus are offering couples a chance to wed for free.
Megabus are offering couples a chance to wed for free. Image by Getty Images

Lovebirds who are tying the knot in 2017 can enter the competition on the Megabus Facebook page by submitting the story of how they met and why they want to be married on a Megabus. Applications and a mandatory photo of the happy couple will be judged on ‘persuasiveness, creativity and eloquence’.

Fancy a Megabus wedding?
Fancy a Megabus wedding? Image by Corey Seeman / CC BY 2.0

The winners will get a free wedding ceremony, complete with music, flowers, a minister and space for 80 guests, as well as two round-trip tickets for their honeymoon (as long as it’s on the Megabus network) and $2500 cash. Buses might not seem like the most probable of places for romance, but it seems like Megabus has had its moments as a matchmaker.


‘Over the past ten years, we have loved hearing about couples that have met on a Megabus or used megabus.com to travel to see their long distance loves’, Sean Hughes, director of public affairs, said in a statement. ‘It’s a pleasure to play Cupid and be a part of so many people’s love life’. The deadline for entries is a week after Valentine’s Day. No word on whether tin cans will be tied to the back of the bus as it drives off into the sunset.
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