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Croatia gets its first ever Michelin-starred restaurant in Rovinj

The Michelin guide’s restaurant inspectors have, for the first time ever, awarded a Michelin star to one of Croatia’s best restaurants. On Wednesday, Monte in the Istrian coastal city of Rovinj became the first Croatian restaurant to meet the strict criteria and earn the coveted recognition.

Medieval City of Rovinj and Saint Euphemia Cathedral, Istria, Croatia
Medieval City of Rovinj and Saint Euphemia Cathedral, Istria, Croatia Image by Andrey Omelyanchuk RF

Michelin’s reviewers were impressed by the way that the restaurant’s ‘cool, contemporary style’ contrasts with the winding streets of Rovinj’s picturesque old town, where it is situated. They were also impressed by the cuisine, which was ‘creative and occasionally theatrical… using modern techniques to create beautifully presented, flavour-filled dishes’, and the ‘particularly interesting’ wine list.

When deciding whether to award stars to a restaurant, Michelin’s undercover inspectors are looking for high quality ingredients, skill shown in the preparation of ingredients and the combination of flavours, creativity from the chef, value for money and consistently high standards.

With only 2717 restaurants in the world seen as worthy of at least one Michelin star, the accolade can give a significant boost to a restaurant’s reputation.

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