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A tech entrepreneur is hoping to create an Uber for the skies between the Channel Islands

A tech entrepreneur is hoping to create an Uber for the skies with plans for an on demand island-hopping airline.

North coast of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.
North coast of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Image by ©Steve Mahy/500px

Nick Magliocchetti is planning to launch the service this summer in the Channel Islands, an archipelago in the English Channel between Normandy in France and the south coast of England. The short-hop flights will connect the main islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark.

Later on this year, the airline – which will be called Wave – will expand into the south of England and northern France, with further ambitious plans for 2018 to fly to southern France, Spain, and Italy.

Founder Nick Magliocchetti told Lonely Planet: “At the beginning, it will be very much inter-island. We’re connecting the Channel Islands with small single engine planes – they’ll work on a quick rotation, short trips and at low cost. The shortest flight time is about eleven minutes and the longest will be about 35 minutes. The price is between GB£55 and £75, and the average fare will be about €60.

‘We will use a fourteen-seater aircraft with two crew – so there’s going to be twelve passengers. Based on the technology that we are using, the slots will never be empty so our clients will always be with one or two other passengers though they’ll just book as normal.’

Wave are hoping that wait times for a flight will mostly be a matter of minutes rather than hours. Nick explained: ‘(Passengers will) not be using the main terminal, so you don’t have all that palaver. You turn up and you’re flying – it’ll be a completely different way of getting your travel experience.’

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