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Now you can distil your own bottle of ‘mother’s ruin’ at Ireland’s first gin school

Ireland’s first gin school has opened near Drogheda, County Louth. The Listoke Distillery offers a small-batch gin called 1777 but is also offering classes in which visitors can distill and take home their own personal gin.

Would-be gin scholars will get a tour of the distillery and an introduction to the Listoke House estate, before getting the chance to try three different gin profiles, plus a lesson in botanicals, reports The Daily Edge. They can then design their own flavour profiles, mix the botanicals and distill the results in a copper still to take home.

Irish countryside in Drogheda. Ireland gin school
Irish countryside in Drogheda. Image by ©Sabrina Pintus/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The sessions are held in a 200-year-old barn and cost €95, or €90 per person for a group. Flavoured vodka and ouzo sessions are also on offer. The Listoke Estate also features a Edwardian walled garden, tearooms, a garden shops and a wedding venue, and sits near the historic town of Drogheda.

Ireland is best known for its whiskey, with gin historically associated with Britain and the Netherlands, but the spirit has made inroads in recent years. Blackwater Distillery in County Waterford, Kerry’s Dingle Distillery and the Shortcross Distillery in County Down are among the new breed of distilleries. Most offer small batches, using a mix of local botanicals like apples, elderberries and clover alongside imported juniper and spices.