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Visit an unbearably cute hobbit-style tea house in rural Slovenia

Slovenian couple Danica and Jože Kolarič have turned their dreams of living in harmony with nature into a reality by building a fairytale tea house tucked into a grassy hill in the tiny village of Sveta Ana near Maribor in northeastern Slovenia.

Fairytale teahouse
Fairytale tea house Image by Jasna Marin

The beautiful cabin blends perfectly into its bucolic surroundings, with grass carpeting its roof and a rustic facade built out of reclaimed wood from the ruins of old farmhouses in the surrounding areas. The tiny structure was built by digging back into the hillside and then covering the roof with turf. When approaching from behind, the only part of the house that is visible is the round stone chimney.

Chimney of the hobbit teahouse.
Chimney of the hobbit tea house. Image by Jasna Marin

Visitors can drink their organically grown, hand-picked and blended herbal tea inside by the cosy wood-burning fireplace, or outside on the terrace where they can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The cottage is surrounded by an organic herb garden filled with hundreds of fragrant plants where visitors can learn about the medicinal uses of all the different herbs and the process of harvesting and drying herbs.

Flower garden
Flower garden. Image by Jasna Marin

There is also an apiary, where visitors can watch the bees at work in the beehives and learn about the important role bees play in nature. They can even put on a protective beekeeping hat and observe the extraction of honey from the hive.

Interior of the tea room
Interior of the tea room Image by Jasna Marin

The tea house appeared in an episode of Ambienti on Slovenian TV, the episode can be viewed here:


The tea room also has a small shop, selling honey, herbal medicines and organic herbal teas. The place is named after the Slovenian word for tea house – čajnica, and if you fancy paying a visit yourself, more information can be found on Danica and Jože’s website: cajnica.si .

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