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Marvel at the stunning colours a photographer has captured of Moscow in winter

While some travellers may imagine Moscow in winter as a city completely coated in white, one photographer is capturing the city’s most colourful corners through the snow.

Muscovite Kristina Makeeva is working on a photography project called “Simple Magic Things“, which she told Lonely Planet “basically means that we are searching for the most beautiful things in the world and around us”.

Makeeva explains that Moscow has changed dramatically in recent years as light installations appear and cars are moving out of the historical centre, which she notes is great for photographers trying to get a perfect shot.  

“I love that Moscow is a very light city. Certainly, a lot of electricity is consumed to light all the installations since they glow all night, but it helps to improve people’s mood and to survive winter’s cold”.

She notes that the city has many beautiful buildings and a style that’s unique – partially from its mixture of Russian architecture and its Soviet-era buildings.

But since colour drives her photographs, Makeeva says she loves that Moscow is bright, with candy-coloured buildings like St. Basil’s Cathedral. “I love bright photos, I think they give the feeling of everyday magic to people”.

Her favourite spot to capture is Red Square, which is full of much more colour than just red. She also loves to travel, taking photos of European capitals and Russian spots like Lake Baikal in Siberia. She notes that “it doesn’t matter where I’ll be in the next moment, but the brighter the area, the more inspiration I have.

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