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Love a glass of bubbly? A prosecco festival is coming to London

If you really, really love a glass of bubbly, mark your calendar for London’s first and only festival to celebrate prosecco.

A prosecco festival is coming to London.
A prosecco festival is coming to London. Image by AzmanL / Getty Images

Prosecco Springs, which will be held Friday, 12 May to Sunday, 14 May, is a celebration of the famous Italian white wine and Italian food. The event will be held at East London’s Oval Space, with tastings, masterclasses, live music, and a bit of Italian food to go along with all the drinking.

According to the website, this is the first time ever that Italy’s leading prosecco producers will be in London under one roof “to educate the new generation of prosecco drinkers”.

Italian prosecco on ice.
Italian prosecco on ice. Image by James Cridland / CC BY 2.0

A ticket to the event will provide you with a glass of prosecco from each of the eight producers, and there will be antipasti, charcuterie and cheese to go along with all the booze.

Tickets to the event are £35 per day, and will be £50 if you attend a masterclass. At the masterclasses, experts will be there to teach guests about wine tasting, and the process of creating prosecco, “from grape to glass”. 

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