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Here’s how to get a free flight to Canada’s Northwest Territories this year

With Canada celebrating its 150th birthday this year, an anniversary marked with free entry to the nation’s national parks, there’s never been a better time to visit. But for travellers already living in Canada, one tourism group wants to bring Canadians to see another part of their beautiful country, the Northwest Territories.

SpectacularNWT, the territory’s tourism group, has announced that it will give out 150 round-trip tickets to the Northwest Territories from Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver.

Residents of Canada can win tickets by completing the contest entry form, or by finding a “winners” coupon inside one of the 30,000 folders to be distributed in several major Canadian cities through February and March, the locations of which will be posted on their Facebook page.

There are also five “super prizes” that will include airline travel to the Northwest Territories for two people, local transportation, hotel accommodation and a sampling of activities in one of their five tourism regions.

Airline ticket winners will be selected at three dates through the contest: 21 February, 21 March and 10 April. Super prize winners will be selected on 10 April.

The tourism group, says that “now’s the time to get acquainted with Canada’s second largest jurisdiction – a place where modern communities are surrounded with the purest wilderness in the world”.

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