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Love Australia? This could be your last chance to apply for your dream job

There are plenty of things to love about Australia; the stunning landscapes, idyllic beaches, adventure sports and, of course, cute and unique animals. Now you could have a new job that would involve looking at stunning images of the country all day as Tourism Australia is looking for a new global manager of their social media.

The successful candidate will be responsible for content for the wildly popular Australia Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the website. With millions of followers inspired by their vivid images, there’s lots of scope for creativity and fun with this role.

Of course, it’s not just about the incredible quokka selfies or drool-worthy Melbourne food creations. The manager will also be responsible for the global social media strategy, use data analytics, have a keen mind for commercial relationships and manage the organisation’s small social media team.

Oh, one more thing. You’ll also be colleagues – of sorts – with Chris Hemsworth, who is Tourism Australia’s global ambassador. We’re not saying you’ll be chatting by the water cooler, but who knows what the future will bring?


If you’re keen to learn more insider knowledge about the role, outgoing manager Jesse Desjardins has written a piece on what he describes as “one of the best jobs in the world”. Desjardins has built a “well-oiled machine” with the global Tourism Australia operations and gives plenty of useful tips and tricks to get you past the interview stage as well.


If you’re not quite ready for the manager role, there is also a one-year contract for social media producer up for grabs. If it’s a true dream job for you, however, you’ll have to be quick. Applications for both roles close tomorrow, Friday 27 January, so prepare to burn the midnight oil to get yours in on time.

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