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Need a holiday read? This university in Belgium is selling books by the kilo

Those travelling in Belgium between 26-28 January who are short of something to read should make their way to the ancient capital of Leuven, 30 km east of Brussels, where the local university is selling off over 20,000 of its books.

Leuven university library.
Leuven University library. Image by Kevin Van den Panhuyzen/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The books are being sold by the kilo and mainly cover science and culture, which could mean dragging hefty tomes like Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace around in your backpack, but it will be worth it as any money raised will go to expanding the library’s heritage collection.

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The book sale will take place at the university hall in the Naamsestraat with prices starting at €5 per kilo on 26 January and dropping to €3 per kilo thereafter. Any books left over will be donated to Oxfam. With 25,000 students, the scholarly city is a bookish affair. Last September, city official unveiled a flower carpet to celebrate 500 years since Thomas More published his radical philosophy book Utopia. Leuven is also home to the Stella Artois brewery, which can be visited by guided tour.

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