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Nearly 30% of business travellers would take a lower paying job to travel more for work

Nearly 30% of business travellers say they would take a lower paying job if it meant travelling more for work, according to new research by Booking.com for Business.

Some business travellers would accept less money to travel more. business travel
Some business travellers would accept less money to travel more. Image by Hero Images/Getty Images

The booking site found that more and more workers are blending their business trips with a bit of leisure travel, giving avid travellers/dedicated employees a chance to add some fun to their work schedule. About 55% of people say they like travelling for work, and 49% of business travellers have extended a work trip to a different city or country in the last year, with 27% planning to do so again in 2017. The company says that it’s a trend that is expected to continue, as 46% of those surveyed think they will end up travelling more for business in 2017 than they did in 2016.

The Bund, Shanghai.
The Bund, Shanghai. Image by Wangwukong/Getty Images

Naturally, some destinations are more desirable for a business trip than others. Booking.com also identified the top ten fastest-growing cities for business travellers around the world, which are: Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Guangzhou, New York, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Prague and Amsterdam.

Naturally, cities like London and Paris are frequent stops for business travellers, but the company notes that more “off-the-beaten path” destinations means more business travellers intend to tag on extra days to their trips to explore and make the most of their time away from the office.

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