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Complete two New Year’s resolutions at once with a workout at the Met in New York

If your New Year’s resolutions include getting fit and attending more cultural events, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has the perfect morning routine for you.

Workout at The Met.
Workout at The Met. Image by The Met

On mornings in January and February, guests will be able to the visit The Met and have a very unique workout. And while guests will get to admire the artworks held in the museum, the ongoing event is actually, part of a new work commissioned by the museum. The work is a collaboration between contemporary American dance company Monica Bill Barnes & Company, and writer/illustrator, Maira Kalman.

The interior of The Met.
The interior of The Met. Image by Hiroyuki Matsumoto/Getty Images

The work will bring a small group of audience members/participants to take a physical and interactive journey through the museum before it opens to the public. The event will incorporate exercises, light stretching and constant movement, led by choreographer Barnes and dance partner Anna Bass. The art that the guests visit is chosen by Kalman, and the “workout” is set to a soundtrack that mixes her voice with disco and Motown music. According to the museum, “participants experience an awakening to their surroundings unlike any other museum tour. Connecting with the art and the overwhelming power of the galleries by activating one’s own body and mind makes this new work so radical”.

The event will run Thursday to Sunday at 8:30 am from 19 January until 12 February, and tickets start at $35.

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