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This pop-up coffee shop in London is putting your face on a coffee to get you a date

A coffee shop in Shoreditch, London, is taking latte art one step further by using 3D printing tech to match people together.  Love-seekers can head to “Espresso Yourself” in Boxpark, pick someone they fancy, then have their face lasered onto the froth of their free coffee.

The cup contains information about the person, and if you like what you see there is a link to get in touch with them.

(Solent) coffee date
The pop up is open only for today. Image by: Solent

The pop-up idea was dreamt up by match.com, with dating guru Vicki Burtt saying: “More of our members are choosing to go on coffee dates. “We wanted to make finding a date as simple as ordering a coffee.”

(Solent) coffee date
A coffee date with a difference.  Image by: Solent

And, if you don’t fancy anyone on the list, you can get your own face printed onto a cappuccino and hand it to someone you like the look of. Tiny bit creepy, considering they probably only came for the free coffee.  But hey, you never know.

(Solent) coffee date
Espresso yourself? On a coffee cup today. Image by:Solent

The Ripples printer uses cartridges filled with coffee extract and is powered by 3D and inket technology.  But hurry if you want to try it as it’s only there for one day.


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