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Watch these daredevils skate on thin ice over a sunken prison in Estonia

A pair of daredevils in Estonia decided to literally skate on thin ice to capture an incredible video of them gliding over an underwater prison. 


Alari Teede, a videographer from Estonia, shot the video as he skated on the ice with his friend Meelis Võsu. Teede told Lonely Planet that while he runs a video production company in Estonia, he loves to travel and make videos of different places around the world. But, for this project, he decided to stay close to home to capture the video at a local spot. 

Teede says that the abandoned quarry and prison in Rummu – about 40 kilometres west of Tallinn – is always a cool place to visit. Rummu, a small town, had both a Soviet prison a nearby limestone quarry. When Estonia gained its independence, the limestone mine was closed and the quarry became a lake, flooding buildings in the former prison compound, explains Teede.

His friend went to the spot to check conditions and found that there was enough ice to skate on – though it was quite thin and the area is known for being dangerous. However, the pair was equipped with safety gear as well as a drone, GoPro and camera to capture the shots. 

See more from Teede on his Instagram account.

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