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This fantastic poster series illustrates the ultimate time travel destinations

Is your travel bucket list nearly complete? Are you one of those lucky travellers on their way to seeing every country in the world? If so, take a moment to daydream about one of these amazing locations you’ve never visited…in the past.


The Timescape Series are colourful, animated posters created by Expedia imagine a world where intrepid tourists can travel back in time to experience an entirely new period of history. 


And since this is an exercise in imagination, it stands to reason that the retro-style posters of time travel destinations should be animated too.


Would you go back to the Prehistoric Era to embark on a fantasy safari and find out what colour dinosaurs really are? Or ski alongside woolly mammoths in the Ice Age, in what might be history’s ultimate adventure holiday.


Art lovers are encouraged to leave their mark with our Neanderthal ancestors and their mysterious cave paintings, while foodies will find plenty of wonderful delights in the ancient markets of Pompeii (once they visit before Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in 79AD!)


Montana’s Wild West of the 1800’s is marketed as the perfect location for stag and hen parties with plenty of saloons and adventure for a weekend to remember…or forget. For the more mythologically-minded, there’s the chance to travel back to the lost city of Atlantis. Presumably maps will be provided.


Finally, who said time travel destinations have to strictly be in the past? There’s also a poster advertising visiting Jupiter in the year 2117. With NASA’s Human Outer Planets Exploration programme scheduled for the 2040’s and space tourism making headlines, this is one dream that could be a reality before long.


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