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Havana has seen the highest increase in searches as travellers aim to visit the Cuban capital

As 2016 brought an easing of travel restrictions between the US and Cuba, Havana has seen the highest year-over-year increase in online searches for 2017, according to one travel company.

Havana, Cuba.
Havana, Cuba. Image by ©Bastian Linder/500px

The Cuban capital has seen a 191% increase in searches on Kayak, which has named it the top trending destination in the company’s 2017 Travel Hacker report.

The surge in interest is unsurprising, as US airlines have begun operating commercial flights into Cuba for the first time since the 1960s. As relations between the US and Cuba improve, travel for American citizens has become less restricted, and naturally, many Americans are eager to see the country for themselves.

Graffiti and wall paintings representing the Cuban national heroes in Havana.
Graffiti and wall paintings representing the Cuban national heroes in Havana. Image by The Visual Explorer/Shutterstock

The top 10 trending destinations around the world are: Havana, Cuba; Reykjavik, Iceland; Auckland, New Zealand; Bali, Indonesia; Tokyo, Japan; Cartagena, Colombia; Lisbon, Portugal; Medellin, Colombia; Calgary, Canada; and Sydney, Australia.

This is a change from last year, when six European cities featured in the top 10 trending destination, compared to two for 2017.

And while some destinations are more coveted than last year, the company also listed the destinations that are the most popular overall. Kayak’s list of most popular destinations looks at the most-searched destinations, according to more than 1 billion searches on the site.

The most popular locations will keep American travellers close to home, as the top 10 most searched cities are: Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Denver, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

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