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Any idea where these exotic locations are? New research shows majority of British people don't recognise these local beauty spots

You don’t have to travel far to find spectacular sights; the latest research suggests the holiday spot of your dreams might be closer than you think.

One of the most 'exotic' looking British beauty spots on the list.
Lulworth Cove on a summer’s day, Dorset. Image by Jeremy Binger

Recent research by Hampton by Hilton found that 76% of British people were amazed the ‘exotic’ photographs they were shown were actually stunning British beauty spots. A whopping 86% of respondents didn’t recognise the idyllic blue waters of Dorset’s Lulworth Cove. Incredibly, 26% believed the photo was taken in Greece, 21% thought Cyprus, while a further 15% believed it was in Malta.

A misty Loch Lomond at sunrise.
A misty Loch Lomond at sunrise, one of the most famous British beauty spots. Image by Ryan Dean Morrison

Almost two-thirds of respondents placed Scotland’s famous Loch Lomond elsewhere in the world, with 23% thinking New Zealand and 17% opting for Canada.

The Heart of Yorkshire, Chromolithe light installation by Patrice Warrener.
The Heart of Yorkshire, Chromolithe light installation by Patrice Warrener. Image by Bailey Cooper Photography

The spectacular York Minister,  the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe – pictured here lit up for the Festival of Lights – was thought to be in Spain by 25% and France by a further 19%.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Image by Joanna Henderson

The blooming cherry blossom of Kew Gardens were thought to be from Japan by 59% or China by 20% of survey respondents. Likewise, the sunny stretch of Biddenden Vineyards resembled France to 35% of respondents and California to 21% but their actual location is in Kent.

Biddenden vineyard on a bright sunny day.
Biddenden vineyard on a bright sunny day. Image by Alex Hare

British holidaymakers are expected to take more ‘staycations’ in 2017 than last year, partly down to the weaker sterling exchange rate and uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Recent research released by Travelzoo reported that more than half of British people were planning to take their main holiday within the UK.

These stunning photos may inspire British travellers to stay closer to home but the lesson is universal; take a closer look around your own home, it may surprise you with the holiday of your dreams.

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