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One airline is offering $0 tickets to mystery destinations – if you can find the “Golden Ticket”

Qatar Airways is offering airline tickets to mystery destinations for $0, but you will have to take part in a treasure hunt if you want to get your hands on one.

St Pierre Island, Seychelles.
St Pierre Island, Seychelles. Image by ©Thomas Herzog/500px

As part of the Qatar Airways Travel Festival, which is a period of special ticket prices that runs between 9 and 16 January, the company is holding a “treasure hunt”. Travellers have to find a “golden ticket”, which is a zero-fare ticket to destinations like Cape Town, Tbilisi and Seychelles for travel between 11 January and 15 December. The traveller will still have to pay airport and government taxes.  

Cape Town from Lions Head.
Cape Town from Lions Head. Image by ©Denis Roschlau/500px

To participate, travellers have to watch a video – specific to the country the live in – to find clues that will lead them the destinations where the golden tickets are “hidden”. At a specific time scheduled for their country, travellers have to find the golden ticket within the booking results on qatarairways.com.

For instance, travellers in the United Kingdom must decipher the hints laid out in a specific video.

Then, on Friday, 13 January from ten to eleven am, they can look for the golden tickets available in their region.

See the full list of participating countries and the schedule here.