Lonely Planet Writer

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani tweets about fellow airline passenger taking off pants during a flight

Even if you’re jetting off to an incredible destination, being stuck on an airplane is often tedious  – and occasionally, one passenger just insists on making the experience just a little bit worse for everyone. That was the case recently for comedian Kumail Nanjiani, who is known for his role on the show Silicon Valley. Thankfully, he tweeted about his run-in with an obnoxious fellow-flyer so the world could join in the passenger shaming.

While taking off your pants on a flight may be an odd choice, it is certainly not the only case of a passenger behaving badly on a flight.

Last year, a writer at the Boston Globe also sparked a lot of online attention after he Tweeted when a passenger in front of him swung her ponytail in front of his screen. Naturally, the incident renewed interest in stories of airline passengers and their occasionally bizarre in-flight choices.

The experience is common enough that there is even an Instagram account called Passenger Shaming, which collects photos of badly-behaved airline guests. The account also makes it clear that Nanjiani’s fellow passenger stripping mid-flight is, unfortunately, not an isolated incident.