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New in Travel: glamping eco-retreat planned for Australia's Rottnest Island


Australia’s Rottnest Island is developing a world-class eco-retreat on the shores of its famous sandy beaches.

An aerial view of Rottnest Island.
An aerial view of Rottnest Island. Image by Tourism Western Australia

Pinky’s Eco Retreat and Beach Club will be full of glamping accommodation with an emphasis on sustainable tourism development. There will be different levels of accommodation to suit various budgets, starting at $75 a night. The majority of the development will be four and five star eco-tents, as well as 35 budget tents.

The accommodation is due to open in December 2017 with some facilities being slated for a later opening. Among them are a beach club with licenced bar, restaurant and a function area for weddings that, according to a statement from Pinky’s, will be ‘built atop an elevated deck with breathtaking views back to the Perth skyline as well as west over The Basin toward the setting sun.’

The resort will provide much-needed facilities to the island which is popular with Australian and international travellers alike, although it has few permanent residents. The eco-retreat will sit alongside the island’s most famous inhabitants; the quokka.

Getting up close and personal with Rottnest Island's most famous inhabitants.
Getting up close and personal with Rottnest Island’s most famous inhabitants. Image by Tourism Western Australia

Famous for its friendly nature, the marsupial is found mainly on the smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia. It’s frequently labelled the ‘happiest animal in the world’ due to its ‘smiling’ face and it’s become popular for tourists to take a selfie with it. Despite this, it’s illegal for humans to handle them in any way and feeding them is discouraged, so ensure your selfie is ‘hands-off’.