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Here are 7 money-saving travel tips we learned in 2016

Booking that next big trip is something we can all look forward to and with a new year on the horizon, there are new opportunities to travel. Thankfully, in 2016, we learned a lot of different ways to save money while travelling, which means any money saved can be put towards getting to your next dream destination.

A tourist takes photographs.
A tourist takes photographs. Image by Oscar Wong/Getty Images

1. Find the perfect destination for your budget with travel calculator

A free online tool called The Earth Awaits helps travellers pick the perfect travel destination to fit their budget and needs. Users can add their monthly budget, areas they’d like to go, and other factors like language, weather, pollution and crime rate, all of which is used to find the perfect place to get away. 

2. These are the money-saving tricks of a man who visited every country in the world

What better way to learn how to save money on the road than from a traveller who has been everywhere? Henrik Jeppesen visited 193 countries by the age of 27 – and knows the secrets to getting cheap flights, bus tickets and accommodation.

Couple sitting on beach with surfboards, looking out to sea, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.
Couple sitting on a beach with surfboards, looking out to sea, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. Image by Cultura RM Exclusive/Jeremy Wilson/Getty Images

3. These are the cheapest countries to get a pint of beer

If you plan on enjoying a pint – or two, or three, or more – on your next holiday, why not head to one of these countries with the cheapest beer? If you want to sample local beer, one European country comes out on top with the lowest prices, while it may be time to rethink a trip to France.

4. Google Flights will now let you know when prices are about to change

A Google Flights update has been welcomed by travellers, as the changes will help people get cheaper flights by monitoring prices and notifying users when they are set to change. Users can add the time and routes they are looking for and find out when they should book their trip.

Skyscraper with a airplane silhouette in the sun, New York City.
Skyscraper with an airplane silhouette in the sun, New York City. Image by PPAMPicture/Getty Images

5. These are the cheapest and most expensive countries to get a flight

A flight comparison flight access millions of flights and discovered the cheapest – and most expensive – countries to fly out of. While the United Arab Emirates was the most expensive place to catch a flight, there was one country that came out with the absolutely cheapest flights.

6. The man who paid $408 for a $52,000 round-the-world flight shares how he did it

Daniel Gillaspia wanted to take an incredible trip around the world but didn’t want to spend a fortune to do it. To make it happen, he read travel-hacking blogs and compiled tips and tricks to end up booking a luxury trip to places like Tokyo, Abu Dhabi and more, for only $408.

Packing for the next trip.
Packing for the next trip. Image by FilippoBacci/Getty Images

7. A new meta-meta-flight search claims to find travellers the cheapest airfare

Most travellers are using a meta-flight search in order to find the lowest prices, but what about a meta-meta-flight search? CheapFlightsFinder created a new online dashboard that compares other search sites like Skyscanner, Kayak, Google Flights and more, aiming to save travellers both time and money.