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Now you can get WiFi from a vending machine in some US airports

Vending machines are most often used for travellers looking to grab a snack or a drink, but now, visitors to some US airports can pick up a WiFi hot-spot at an airport vending machine.

Pick up some WiFi at an airport vending machine. vending machine WiFi
Pick up some WiFi at an airport vending machine. Image by Skyroam

SkyRoam has introduced airport vending machines where travellers can rent a pocket-sized hot-spot that provides unlimited service in more than 100 countries, from kiosks around the US. The device allows travellers to forget about roaming charges or hunting down public WiFi – which isn’t always secure – and just travel with a device that connects to local carriers for unlimited daily usage on up to five devices simultaneously. The first vending machines are now available at San Francisco International Airport, with three more vending machines coming later this month to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Use the internet anywhere.
Use the internet anywhere. Image by Adam Hester/Getty Images

Passengers can rent the hot-spots for $9.95/day, and mail it back when they’re done in the provided prepaid envelope. But, if you are in for the long-haul when it comes to travelling, the company also sells the devices online and in some airport stores, which are currently $99.99. Users can then purchase day-passes to use the device around the world, which are available for $8 each.