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Hamilton fever in San Francisco as tickets go on sale, 150,000 join the queue

No recent show has quite shaken up the world of musical theatre the way that Hamilton has, and with its imminent opening in San Francisco, citizens of the Bay Area have caught the Hamilton bug.

Stars of Hamilton on Broadway.
Stars of Hamilton on Broadway. Image by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Since its premiere Off-Broadway in New York in February 2015, the show has been a critical and audience success story like few others – and an unlikely one at that. The musical takes the potentially dry story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the US’ Founding Fathers who fought in the War of Independence, helped draft the Constitution, was the first Secretary of the Treasury and died in a duel with a former friend, and turns that story into a gripping tale told to a rap and R&B soundtrack by a largely non-white cast.

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After its initial sell-out run, the show transferred to Broadway in August 2015 to cope with demand, with the difficulty and expense of getting tickets to see Hamilton becoming a running joke, and re-sells going for several times their face value. In recent months it’s opened in Chicago, and from March to August 2017 it will be on stage in San Francisco – which has caused a booking frenzy this week. At one point on the first day of sale, there were over 150,000 eager fans waiting in the online queue to snag their maximum six tickets, and many in line took to social media to joke/complain. San Francisco is the first stop of a national tour and the show also opens in London in October 2017 – sign up for those alerts now.