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Passengers congratulated after drinking all the booze on their flight

Sometimes, the only small comfort on a crowded flight is a drink to help get through the experience. But a group of sports fans in the US took that idea to the extreme by drinking an entire plane dry.

Collection of alcohol nip bottles. alcohol on a flight
Passengers drank all the alcohol on a flight. Image by Bill Boch/Getty Images

Last week, the fans of the NFL team the Oakland Raiders took a flight from California to Kansas City, Missouri for a game between the Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. Those visiting fans got ready for the match by apparently drinking every drop of liquor on the flight. Jimmy Durkin, a journalist who writes about the Raiders for the Bay Area News Group, was on the flight and Tweeted:

Perhaps more surprising, the flight is only about three hours between the cities, meaning those travellers managed to get quite a few drinks in between take-off and landing. Luckily, those thirsty passengers arrived at their destination without incident. But there have been reports from around the world of inebriated passengers wreaking havoc on flights after a few too many.

In the UK, the civil aviation authority has mulled banning serving alcohol at certain times in airports, as passengers are showing up at their gates a little too drunk. The authority’s rules state that airlines have the right to refuse passengers who are inebriated. Routes that have a tendency for disruptive behaviour can also face specific rules, like Ryanair’s flights to the Spanish island of Ibiza, where passengers can’t take any booze in the cabin.