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Want to fly with your Christmas tree this year? With this Austrian airline you can

If you see a collection of evergreen conifers collecting on airport carousels over the next few weeks, don’t fret. Their appearance is probably down to the Austrian airline Niki which is allowing customers to fly with their Christmas tree over the festive period.

These are probably a little to big to take on the plane with you.
These are probably a little to big to take on the plane with you. Image by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Following the success of the same festive offer last winter, when around 200 customers jetted across the globe with their spruce, the airline is predicting that even more travellers will want to hit the skies with their Christmas tree.

The service is free, but trees must be booked onto the flight at least 48 hours before takeoff and they cannot measure any bigger than two metres in height. Germany’s Air Berlin has also confirmed that customers can fly with their Christmas trees too.

Niki flies all around the world, including the USA , Australia, Asia and a selection of countries in Africa. Other festive treats in store for its customers include free Glühwein, Christmas music being pumped into the cabin upon boarding and chocolate St. Nicholas statues getting handed out on 6 December. The airline has also revealed that the majority of travellers who flew with a Christmas tree in 2015 were headed to Palma, Mallorca.