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Gourmet pop-up kitchen to open at Mount Everest Base Camp

For decades, trekkers in Nepal have endured weeks of eating rice and lentils as the trade-off for enjoying the world’s most spectacular mountain views. Those days are over, at least for the month of December.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal.
Everest Base Camp, Nepal. Image by emifaulk / CC BY 2.0

For two weeks from 10 December, 15 lucky travellers will be able to enjoy Michelin-level cuisine at 5364m at a temporary pop-up kitchen run by Noma-trained chef James Sharman. We’ll rise above jokes about haute cuisine; the gourmet restaurant at Everest Base Camp will serve newly conceived dishes prepared using local Himalayan ingredients, for a whopping price tag of US$1050 per diner.

A protégé of Michelin-starred British chef Tom Aikens, Sharman forged a name for himself as one of the creative team at Noma, the legendary two-Michelin-star restaurant in Copenhagen. The Noma ethos of locally foraged ingredients will filter through to the menu at the Everest pop-up kitchen, which faces extreme environmental challenges ranging from sub-zero temperatures to the lowered boiling temperature of water at high elevations.

Mount Everest Base Camp.
Mount Everest Base Camp. Image by Getty Images

Nepali cuisine will form the inspiration for Sharman’s high-altitude eating, but considering Noma’s unconventional take on Scandinavian cooking, diners can expect some surprises. As well as paying the hefty price tag for dinner, patrons of the mountain kitchen will have to walk for over a week to reach the tent village that marks the start of the climbing route to Mount Everest; the cost of the trek is included in the dinner bill.

If that sounds like too much hard work, Sharman’s crew will be stopping at a string of other destinations as they continue their pop-up kitchen world tour. Other options on the two-year global circuit include a meal prepared on a local train rumbling through the tea plantations of India, and a final homecoming meal in Hong Kong. For more information on Sharman’s itinerary, visit the website of One Star House Party