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As if there aren't enough reasons to go to Antigua and Barbuda - now there's a beach bar trail

Food and drink trails have surged in popularity in recent years, with projects such as Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail and Spain’s Olive Oil Trail blossoming into popular activities for people looking to get a literal taste of a destination.

Antigua is known for its stunning beaches.
Antigua is known for its stunning beaches.

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority is following suit with a tropical twist: its newly announced Beach Bar Trail will show visitors the best way to bar hop around the islands’ 365 beaches, and will feature both well-known establishments and some of the destination’s best local hideaways.

The Antigua & Barbuda Beach Bar Trail map.
The Antigua & Barbuda Beach Bar Trail map. Image by ABTA

The ABTA has released a detailed trail map of the islands that serves as a handy guide for foodies looking to explore the coastline. Not only do the featured bars offer spectacular views, but they also serve up some of the best drinks and food the islands have to offer; snag a rum-based cocktail and try authentic island dishes such as conch and curried goat. The map also highlights the islands’ most popular hotels so visitors can find the bars nearest to their accommodation.

The initiative hopes to bring attention to the local communities as well; some bars will be exhibiting works from local artists, others will be rocking to the tunes of local musicians, and some will host sporting events open to visitors and locals alike. Similarly, the bars along the trail will cater to a variety of entertainment tastes: some will be laid back, romantic spots, while others will keep the party going all day long.

The ABTA is also asking participants to use #beachbartrail to document their adventures – follow the feed for some tropical beach bar inspiration. Antigua and Barbuda consists of a set of sister islands and several smaller islands that straddle the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; known for their numerous reef-lined beaches and pink sands, the islands are an independent state within the British Commonwealth.