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You've heard of leaves on the line, but how about IN the line? Berlin train delayed for leaf clean up

The Berlin U-Bahn service prides itself on its prompt and reliable time-keeping, but the addition of leaves inside a carriage by an anonymous prankster held up early morning commuters on one section recently.

The leaves are said to be the work of a street artist.
The leaves are said to be the work of a street artist. Image by Berlin Writers Facebook

The U-Bahn carrier was stuffed full with fallen leaves overnight, leaving the BVG early morning crew in for a surprise when they came across the seasonal mess. Although they are used to tidying up in and around U-Bahn trains, this was the first leafy challenge the team had ever faced inside a train.  It is understood that a prankster filled  the carriage while the train was parked in a storage facility.

Train in Berlin
Train in Berlin Image by Getty Images

Staff used fans and brushes to remove the contents from the carriage which was needed for Friday’s commuters. However, the clean up took longer than expected and resulted in some delays, because the train had to stay out of service. It is assumed that this stunt was the idea of an unnamed graffiti artist, as a photo of the U-Bahn carriage was posted on the ‘Berlin Writers’ Facebook page which is a magazine and website that is reserved for street art. The post was captioned “Autumn is here!”, attracted plenty of attention and has been shared over 2200 times. However, not everyone was amused by, or appreciated the artistry in this ‘project’, some complained in the Facebook comments about delays due to, what they considered to be, little more than an act of vandalism.