Lonely Planet Writer

This woman brought a cut-out of a man on holiday after a date leaves her high and dry

While travelling solo can be an incredible experience, some people are just looking for that perfect partner to hit the road with them.

Jasmine Teed from Montreal thought she had found someone who shared her passion for travel – and would want to head out on an adventure with her. However, just when she was planning on inviting him on a trip, he cut off communication before they ever got to go. Jasmine told Lonely Planet that she always wanted to find someone “who had the same sense of wonder and curiosity about the world, who would like to go on adventures and do fun things whether it’s at home or somewhere far away”. She says she thought she had found that someone, but after a summer of talking all the time and a visit to his hometown, she decided to invite him on an upcoming trip, but then he “ghosted” her.

Though disappointed that he cut off communication with her instead of being honest, Jasmine figured she wasn’t going to let the lack of a travel partner stop her from hitting the road – or from laughing about the situation. She was already heading to Ireland, Denmark and Iceland for her birthday, and decided to bring a cut-out of a man along as her travel partner. She says it was both a way to show the guy what he was missing, but also: “it was kind of a way of putting it out there like a dating advertisement, ‘hey adventurous, fun guys, you could be here doing and seeing these amazing things!’” She posted pictures in a Facebook travel group and people liked them, so she decided to create an Instagram account, called You Could Be Here, with pics of her fake man. “I think a lot of people can relate because we see those perfect couples with amazing photos on Instagram and wish we could do that. But just because you don’t have the perfect travel partner doesn’t mean you can’t still do all those things, just make your own…”

In the end, Jasmine says the trip was incredible and even though she was on the road solo, she met so many people along the way she didn’t feel like she was alone. Actually, she even fell in love – with Ireland – and is now planning to move there.