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Who you gonna call? Italian town calls in ghostbusters to investigate paranormal activity

The mayor of the small Italian town of Ostiano in the Cremona region of northern Italy has called in a team of ghostbusters to investigate the town’s historic buildings and monuments.

Italian mayor calls in paranoirmal researchers to investigate ghostly goings-on.
Italian mayor calls in paranormal researchers to investigate ghostly goings-on.

The Italian Society of Paranormal Research, known as ‘Silent’, spent time filming and investigating in the town’s theatre, which is located in a 16th-century castle, as well as in the cellars of the local library. They used special cameras to film at night, although it is not yet known whether any paranormal activity was detected, as the film is yet to be analysed.

Mayor Lorenzo Locatelli defended his decision to give the group access to public buildings, saying: ‘They are not looking for ghosts, but for energy bubbles and electrical currents which are beyond the everyday. They’re all amateurs, but very serious people who will give scientific explanations.’

Ostiano, Italy
Ostiano, Italy Image by Ostiano Facebook page

But not everyone in the town is convinced of the value of the study. History teacher Carlo De Carli told the local paper: ‘There is no scientific proof, and I’m scandalized that in 2016 an administration wastes time with such nonsense.’

It’s not the first time that an Italian mayor has sought help with a paranormal problem. In 2013 the mayor of the town of Sant’Omero in Abruzzo called in the European Paranormal Activity Society to find out whether any lost souls were roaming the town.