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A Gilmore Girls ice cream flavour is coming to life, thanks to a New York City ice cream shop

A great television show and a pint of ice cream pair perfectly together, and one New York City-based ice cream shop is taking that concept one step further. Just in time for the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Ample Hills Creamery has launched a Gilmore Girls ice cream flavour contest, and will make the winning idea a reality.

Ample Hills Creamery are looking for a Gilmore Girls flavour.
Ample Hills Creamery are looking for a Gilmore Girls flavour. Image by The Cone Guys on Facebook

Over 2000 fans from all over the country have entered the contest, submitting flavours like “Oy, With The Snickerdoodles Already,” “Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow,” and, most likely from an observant superfan, “Babette Ate Oatmeal.” “The flavour suggestions we’ve gotten so far have been an absolute goldmine,” Ample Hills Creative Director Lauren Kaelin told Lonely Planet. “It’s been so fun to re-watch the episodes while reading the flavour suggestions because you realise all of these things people are picking up on, and how rich the show is with great puns.” Kaelin originally got the idea for the flavour contest after her wife sent her a photo from the Luke’s Diner pop up, which Netflix hosted in coffee shops around the country earlier this month to promote the upcoming show. “I thought, this makes complete sense. The Gilmore Girls is one of the most food-oriented television shows, and, with its puns and junk food, is so in line with our ethos of being playful.”

This isn’t the first time Ample Hills has embraced pop culture — Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and the X-Files all inspired creative flavours, and the family run business also made limited-edition pints for an official partnership with the last Star Wars film. “Something we’re always drawn to is telling stories through ice cream,” said Kaelin. “I think ice cream has a relationship with memory and nostalgia, so by creating playful flavours, we’re tapping into the storytelling potential of ice cream.”

The winner will be announced on 7 November, but Kaelin dropped some hints about the flavour. “It has to have coffee in it,” she laughed. “We’re going to try to make a pun that [show creator] Amy Sherman-Palladino would be proud of, and we also want to honour the relationship the three generations of Gilmore women have with each other. While it’s a really funny show, it’s about that relationship and the struggle between those characters. That’s what gives it so much heart.” Pints will available for purchase online, so queue up Netflix and get the spoons ready.