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Having a haircut in Turkey? Rest assured your secrets are safe with the stylist

We’ve all been there – you sit down to get your hair cut, and before you know it you’ve imparted your deepest, darkest secrets to the hairdresser and are terrified they might pass the gossip on to anyone who’ll listen.

Turkish hairdressers have to keep your secrets!
Turkish hairdressers have to keep your secrets! Image by bobby vie / CC BY 2.0

But rest assured that if you happen to get your hair done while travelling in Turkey, your secret is safe. A new regulation means that Turkish hairdressers are now duty-bound to keep their clients’ personal business private and refrain from gossiping about them with other customers. So that means the crazy night you had in Bangkok won’t get shared around; the 24-hour fling you had in Paris will stay under wraps; and the time you got on a flight to Grenada instead of Granada stays between you and the stylist. Brought back bedbugs from Bolivia and want to confide in someone? Your Turkish hairdresser won’t tell a soul.

Istanbul the capital of Turkey.
Istanbul the capital of Turkey. Image by Seqoya

That’s not the only regulation that has been introduced to Turkish hairdressing – the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen have stipulated that stylists should also be trained in health, hygiene and psychology. Elocutionary skills will also be improved, and stylists will be trained in allergy testing for customers who are trying cosmetic products for the first time.