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A New Zealand creamery has made the world’s first chocolate butter

Separately, butter and chocolate are equally wonderful, but put them together and get pure pleasure. The New Zealand-based Lewis Road Creamery partnered with fellow local company Whittaker’s chocolate to create the world’s first chocolate butter.

World's first chocolate butter.
World’s first chocolate butter. Image by Lewes Road Creamery

Inspiration struck Lewis Road Creamery founder Peter Cullinane during an afternoon tea that included French pastries. “The French, who know a thing or two about butter, chocolate and pastries, have always had a soft spot for pain au chocolat and it got us thinking,” Cullinane said in statement. “What if we combined the world’s best butter and best chocolate in an easy-to-spread blend that would be good with almost anything?”

After stopping by the patisserie for fresh croissants, the founder immediately headed for the blender to mix up the first batch of chocolate butter and test his theory. “As soon as we tasted it we knew we were onto something special,” said Cullinane. Made by whipping Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana Chocolate into Lewis Road’s ultra premium butter, the spread reportedly pairs well with a host of baked goods and other more surprising foods. “When we whipped up the first batch we spread it on warm croissants, and it was magic. But it is really versatile and is delicious on toast, pancakes, crumpets and in baking,” said Cullinane. “Ben Bayly (head chef at The Grove, one of New Zealand’s top restaurants) has been experimenting with it, and has created a stunning chocolate hollandaise to be served with venison – so it pairs really well with savoury dishes too.”

Chocolate butter is currently only available in New Zealand, and while Cullinane hopes to someday expand to more markets, for now the rest of the world will have to settle for ogling the Instagram photos of lucky Kiwis.