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Dubrovnik takes steps to introduce night tours to its city walls

Dubrovnik is about to shine a light for night-time tourism – with its famous city walls taking the limelight from next year.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Dubrovnik, Croatia. Image by Dennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

Croatia Week online magazine describes the city walls as Dubrovnik’s  ‘top tourist attraction’ that welcomed its one millionth yearly visitor this month.

Up to now, walks during the summer tourist season closed just in time for sunset (19:30 local time). However, the mayor of the dreamy destination, Andro Vlahušić, revealed at a press conference this week that organised night tours to the City Walls are on the cards for some time next year.

Dubrovnik at night.
Dubrovnik at night. Image by Getty Images

Mr. Vlahušić confirmed that the City will improve safety measures to a standard that will make such night tours possible.  Although the idea was mooted before and didn’t go ahead, officials seem positive that this nocturnal tourist feature is very much on the horizon for Dubrovnik. The Dubrovnik Times says the reason these night tours of the renowned attraction had not occurred up until this point is for the most part “mainly due to safety concerns.”

The concerns are valid as there are hundreds of steps to be negotiated on a visit and the safety of tourists when walking at night is an overriding concern. Mayor Vlahušić highlighted the extra safety precautions that would be set in place.  He said that, in tandem with the Ministry of the Interior, they planned to ensure maximum safety by installing security and thermal cameras along sections of the walls.

He claimed that members of the Red Cross would make themselves available as a further safety presence to monitor the crowds visiting the walls.