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Could this meta-meta-flight search help you find the cheapest airfare?

There are a number of search engines out there designed to help travellers find the cheapest airfares available, but a new “meta-meta-flight search” says it scans a number of flight comparison engines to find the best of the best.

A jet plane flying low over a city.
A jet plane flying low over a city. Image by pbombaert/Getty Images

CheapFlightsFinder has created a new online dashboard that compares fares from flight comparison sights. Users are able to simultaneously search sites like Skyscanner, Kayak, momondo, Google Flights and more, with one search engine.

It is the “world’s first meta-meta flight search”, according to a company statement, and is free to use. The site also has a flexible date function that allows users to find the cheapest day for a flight, then compare that to other search engines to see if there is an even better price. There is also an option where travellers can search for cheap flights to a flexible destination and potentially end up anywhere in the world for the best possible price. The company says it can search over 1200 sources to find the cheapest flight.

More services are hoping to match travellers up with the best airfares. A new update from Google Flights monitors dates that travellers want to fly and let users know when prices are expected to change. Another site, called Skiplagged, helps travellers find “hidden city flights”,  and  helps them to get a better deal.